coffee grinders


If you want to have premium quality coffee, it is best to buy high-quality coffee beans and a coffee grinder. As the name indicates, the primary function of coffee grinders is to grind the coffee beans.

Advantages of using coffee grinders

  • It gives you coffee powder, within few minutes, which you can store and use over months. The power is of uniform consistency, and it gives more taste to a cup of coffee than ready-made coffee powder.
  • If you have a coffee machine, then most of the time it consumes, is to grind the coffee. You can’t wait to have a cup of coffee so long. Pouring powder reduces time.
  • A Coffee grinder can be used to grind cereals, pulses and many more.

Types of coffee grinders

  • Blade:


As the name suggest, blades are used to grind the coffee beans. They are inexpensive. They can produce the powder within time. But the quality of the powder is not satisfactory. The powder will be not of uniform consistency. When you want a coarse grind, then some beans will be coarse while some will be smooth. Another disadvantage of blade grinder is, the blades rotate at high speed, and this may burn the coffee beans. You can be little disappointed with the taste. But when you are going to grind, a large amount of coffee, then this will be best.

  • Burr:


They are hand grinders. There is no such chance of burning the coffee. Burr has different options of coarse grind or smooth grind. They take more time than a blade grinders.