The best single serve coffee maker k-cup for 2017, If you love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning or at any time for that matters, this review will give you insight of the best top-rated single serve coffee makers for the buck even if you are a coffee connoisseur or a student on a budget. New research suggests that about one to four cups of coffee is good for you daily good cup of coffeejust be light on the sugar and creamer. Recent studies have found that drinking coffee can actually be a healthy habit, enhancing athletic performance, increasing mental alertness and protecting against serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and even liver and colon cancers. “Coffee consumption fits into a very healthy diet and, if anything, may have a beneficial effects”. Dr. Eileen Madden, a toxicologist and food-safety expert, told a symposium on coffee and health last fall at the New York Academy and Sciences.

Which one right for you?

The ten best single serve coffee maker k-cup that made it to our list all uses k-cup or pod style coffee, they are Breville BKC700XL single serve coffee maker, Keurig K350 2.0, BUNN MCU Multi-Use coffee brewer, Cuisinart SS-700 single serve coffee maker, Hamilton Beach 49995R Version II FlexBrew , Keurig K550 2.0 multi brew, Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG5-001, 24-Ounce and Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve Coffee maker. You can find all these fine single cup coffee makers on discount prices at and Amazon website. All brewers listed here received 4 stars or better from us and Amazon customers.

Why Single Serve Coffee Brewer k-cup?

Sometimes smaller is better when it comes to coffee makers. Offering one-cup-at-a-time convenience, single-serve coffeemakers brew fresh, great-tasting coffee while delivering foolproof performance and exceptional versatility. Whether brewing a cup before heading to the office or brewing a cup of flavored or decaf to serve to a guest after dinner. Only the best single-serve coffee maker k cup make it possible to accommodate individual preferences.   

best single serve coffee brewer k-cup 3Keurig K550 2.0 Brewing System 2 in 1 System

New for 2017 now Keurig gives you single serve and pot all in one brewer. The Keurig 2.0 K550 brewing system is the first Keurig system that allows you to brew a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve cup — all at the touch of a button. It’s so smart, and so simple! Revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology. The K550 brewer also features revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology which is designed to read the lid of each K-Cup or K-Carafe pod to brew the perfect beverage every time. Our ultimate brewer with premium features. The brewer has other great features including an extra large 80 ounce Water Reservoir, 2.8 inch color Touch Display, programmable clock, an auto brew option, and a strength control setting for brewing bolder coffee. There’s even a separate setting for hot cocoa and other specialty beverages like lattes and mochas. The K550 model also has a customizable night light in the Water Reservoir and offers hot water on demand. So many options to choose from — not at all like a typicalsingle cup coffee maker k-cup example 2 coffee maker. So many choices. Choose from over 400 varieties of coffee, tea, and specialty beverages — including iced beverages — from 60 brands you know and love. Just look for the Keurig logo on your favorite K-Cup pod and K-Carafe pod varieties. The Keurig 2.0 K550 brewing system also comes with a Keurig Carafe and K-Cup and K-Carafe pods to get you started. Optional accessories include the Keurig 2.0 carousel, Keurig 2.0 storage drawer, Keurig 2.0 water filter starter kit, and a thermal carafe.

Revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology, Hundreds of varieties from the brands you love

  • K550 Includes: Keurig Carafe, 6 K-Cup Pods and 4 K-Carafe Pods, Water Filter Handle and Cartridge
  • NOTE: Brew a single cup with a K-Cup pod and 4-cup carafe with a K-Carafe pod.
  • 80 oz. Water Reservoir, Large Color Touch Display, Strength Control, Customizable Settings, Programmable Clock
  • Auto Brew, Customizable Night Light in Water Reservoir, Hot Water On Demand

Eco-Carafe for Keurig 2.0, K200, K300, K400, K500 Series

single cup coffee maker k-cupPerfect Pod Eco-Carafe is used instead of the k-carafe packs allowing you to use the coffee of your choice and save money too! The Eco-Carafe offers the best value and highest quality refillable carafe capsule on the market. Eco-Carafe should be used for Carafe brewing only to brew 4 cups of coffee. The integrated micro etched stainless steel filter provides the best filtration possible in a permanent filter however Perfect Pod – EZ-Carafe Filters (Sold separately) are recommended for espresso grind coffees. The Eco-Carafe 2.0 lid is attached with a reliable mechanical hinge that is guaranteed not to break. Use any coffee you like and enjoy your favorite blend or variety.

• Brews a 4-cup carafe with any coffee up to 28 grams of ground coffee
• Saves up to 80% over the cost of pre-filled K-carafe capsules
• Compatible with all K-Carafe brewers including Keurig 2.0 models
• Easy to use, rinse to clean, dishwasher safe
• Economical and eco-friendly
• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Permanent micro etched stainless steel filter with stylish Eco-Carafe embossing single cup coffee maker example 7
• Limited lifetime warranty with a proprietary patented design
• Extra thick BPA-free plastic with integrated snap-in mechanical hinge and self-latching lid
• Can be used with Perfect Pod – EZ-Carafe Filters (Coming Soon!.)
• Use your favorite coffee for every cup – pick the flavors and quantity you love!!

If you have a Keurig coffee maker and a home coffee grinder you can make your own custom k-cups and get the perfect coffee pods. Our coffee filters make owning a Keurig more affordable. Now you have the choice of coffee blends, coffee grids and coffee brew strength. If you want your favorite carafe coffee our reusable coffee pods will improve your Keurig experience.
Perfect Pod – Extract a better cup of coffee!

Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve Coffeemaker                                                                                                   

Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Best Single Serve Coffee Maker K-Cup

If you prefer maximum coffee freshness, the Breville single-cup brewer serves up java perfection every time. This new upgraded model includes quiet pump technology that brews even quieter than previous models and an iced beverage function that dispenses a concentrated 3-1/2-ounce shot of tea or coffee. Simply dilute with ice and water for iced tea or coffee. Patented showerhead delivers precise amount of water for even coffee extraction and superior flavor. The removable 60-ounce water tank brews up to 10 cups of coffee and includes a water filtration system to reduce impurities in order to optimize drink flavor. LCD control includes a digital clock with auto on-off time, five brew strengths, and variable brew temperature. Brewer uses pre-made K-Cup coffee pods or just add your own favorite roast to the reusable My K-Cup. Includes a sample pack of single-use K-Cups available including cocoa and tea. The My K-Cup and included measuring spoon conveniently store in the brewer’s top compartment, also with this deal from Amazon you also get 28 K-Cup Carousel & 4 Pieces 10 oz. ARC Handy Glass Coffe Mug.

  Bunn multibrewing system                                                                                              

BUNN MCU Multi-Use Coffee Brewing System

The Bunn MCU brews at 200 degrees. One of the chief complaints we have with the Keurig brewers is that up until quite recently the maximum brewing temperature of a Keurig machine was 192 degrees. The Keurig Vue took a significant step forward by increasing this temperature to 197 degrees. Still, the optimal temperature for brewing coffee is around 200 degrees and the Bunn line of brewers is one of the few that hits the nail on the head. The result is better coffee extraction and richer flavor. This coffee maker also maintains the pulse brewing function available in their earlier brewers. The pulse function brews in short pulses giving extra time for the water to come in contact with the coffee. The end result is a richer cup of coffee (or tea). You do have the option to use the normal setting (without the pulses); however, we find that unless we’re just looking for hot water, we use the pulse brew almost exclusively. The greatest positive was the option to use pods, kcups, or ground coffee. We were delighted that this machine does all of these well. The pods brew identically to those in the earlier Bunn machines (in a word, excellent). Kcups also brewed exceptionally well. While the difference is slight, the Bunn MCU produces slightly richer coffee than the Keurig Vue (the top Keurig machine on the market). Finally, the ground coffee drawer is significant step up from the ground coffee attachment on Keurig brewers. OK, there has to be negatives, right? The chief one is the size of the kcup attachment. In order to accommodate the kcup, the kcup drawer doesn’t leave a lot of room for your cup. With the drip tray removed, there is a 6 inch clearance between where the mug sits and the bottom of the kcup drawer. If you have a large mug, this is a potential negative. Secondly, the kcup attachment sputters a bit while brewing, so you want to make sure there’s not much space between your mug and the kcup drawer. Otherwise, you’ll end up with some coffee on your counter. Reliability Bunn’s brewers are solidly built. You should have no concerns on this front. The quality is top notch. Customer Service Bunn’s customer service is among the best. They will ensure any problems that come up are quickly taken care of. Bottom Line We think the Bunn MCU is an excellent option for those in the market for a single serve coffee maker. It does an fantastic job at brewing pods, kcups, and ground coffee. There is very little not to like. If you know you’re just going to stick with kcups and place a high priority on convenience and an external water tank, look at the Keurig Vue; otherwise, the Bunn MCU may be the perfect option.

cuisinart single cup coffee maker k-cup example 1                                                                         

Cuisinart SS-780 Single Serve Brewing System

Chrome, Silver or Black which fits your countertop the best? Perfect for both personal use and entertaining, this single cup coffee maker offers consumers fresh gourmet coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more in under one minute. Choose either 4, 6, 8, or 10 ounce from the icon on brewing size options. Using Keurig K-Cups—featuring over two hundred varieties of pre-measured, premium brand coffee and tea–this brewer’s innovative one-touch technology makes it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy a wide array of hot beverages. No matter which cup size you choose, the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System , working in conjunction with K-Cup, always produces the perfect cup every time.                                                                                           

single cup coffee maker example 5Why is this my all time favorite pick?

Keurig K350 2.0 Brewing System

New for 2017 The K350 2.0 Brewing System is Keurig’s best single-cup coffee maker for your home or small office. If you need a single serve and coffee pot model see the Keurig K550 2.0 above. This premium model brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage at the touch of a button. and offers discerning coffee drinkers the widest range of five cup size options for brewing. The K350 series brewer allows you to brew a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve cup — all at the touch of a button. It’s so smart, and so simple! And nothing like a typical coffee maker. Revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology. The K350 brewer also features revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology, designed to read the lid of each K-Cup or K-Carafe pod to brew the perfect beverage every time. There’s even a separate setting for specialty beverages such as hot cocoa, chai, and mochas. An enhanced brewer with expanded features. Other brewer features include a 60 ounce Water Reservoir, 2.4 inch interactive black and white Touch Display, and a strength control setting for brewing bolder coffee. So many choices. Choose from more than 400 varieties of coffee, tea, specialty beverages, and even iced beverages — from over 60 brands you know and love. Just look for the Keurig logo on your favorite varieties of K-Cup and K-Carafe pods. The Keurig 2.0 K350 brewing system includes a Keurig Carafe and K-Cup and K-Carafe pods to get you started. Other optional accessories include the Keurig 2.0 carousel, Keurig 2.0 storage drawer, Keurig 2.0 water filter starter kit, and thermal carafe.

hamilton beach single cup coffe maker example 1                                                                       

Why is this such a simple but good brewing system?

Hamilton Beach 49995R Version II Flex-Brew Single Serve Coffeemaker

    If you are very fussy about your coffee maker. If the appliance is too expensive, too bulky, too complicated, too messy to clean up, etc., this brewer will be perfect for your  kitchen.  I can’t say enough about this beauty, There are three ways to make your favorite coffee: 1. regular ground coffee goes into the basket (no filter needed) or 2. you can use a coffee pod or finally, for those who like variety, 3. K-Cups are easily inserted into the removable slide-in tray. To allow for two sizes of coffee cups, the lower portion of the unit lets you place either a large travel mug on top, or flip it over for a higher ledge to place a smaller mug. Water in the back, press the button, and within minutes you’re drinking a hot cup of joe! Realizing it’s only a single cup machine, you should not expect to use this when you have more than a small handful of guests. But for the daily cups there is nothing better. We love how quickly you clean up, a simple rinse of the grinds from the basket and you’re set for the next cup. Instructions say to run a solution of 1/2 cup white vinegar and 1/2 cup water through the unit every month or so to clean it out. This makes more sense than the more costly machines that require descaling and fancy solutions in order to keep the coffee tasting great. It’s a tall and thin machine, so you easily slide it beside other kitchen appliances without taking up much counter space. Black and stainless steel finish go with everything. We have reviewed other Hamilton Beach kitchen apppliances and honestly have not been disappointed yet. This coffee maker is a keeper!

  mr coffee single serve coffee maker example 1                                                                                                                   

      Do you need a good inexpensive single serve coffee Brewer K-cup? 

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 Single Serve

The Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer is a slightly less expensive alternative to the popular Keurig coffee maker. This product suits the Mr.
Coffee name perfectly. It is not sleek or sexy; it has no bells or whistles; in
fact, it’s downright utilitarian. But it gets the job done and brews a pretty
good little cup of coffee nevertheless. This coffee maker comes out of the box just about ready to go. Take off a couple of plastic bags, peel off a piece of tape or two, wash out and fill the water reservoir, and you’re just a couple of minutes away from a cup of coffee. The controls are basic, and I liked the fact that I did not have to fiddle with anything digital or computerized or
possibly smarter than I am.  –The water reservoir is awkward and chunky. Unless you
fill it in place with a pitcher or bottle of water, then spillage is a definite
possibility, because you need to use two hands to keep it level.
–The actual brewing process is not as fast as my Keurig, so those of us with issues with
impatience may chafe at the extra few seconds we have to wait until we have our
coffee.This machine makes a nice cup of coffee. It comes out at an excellent and drinkable temperature. The small cup selection makes strong coffee, which is the way I like it.
–Unlike the Keurig, the Mr. Coffee does not leave coffee grinds in the bottom of my coffee
cup.The Mr. Coffee has a slightly different brewing protocol than a Keurig, heating the
water and brewing the coffee at one press of a button. If you treat it like a
Keurig, you’ll have a drip tray full of coffee and nothing in your cup. So be
sure to read the instructions before you brew your first cup, especially if you
have used a Keurig brewer in the past. This coffee maker comes with a little 5-cup sampler pack of K-Cups. This is a very nice touch, because it means you can brew a cup of coffee as soon as you pull the device out of the box. But remember, the coffee that the Mr. Coffee brews is only as good as the K-Cup you put in to it. This is a decent enough coffee maker. Not pretty and not fancy but definitely adequate. I think that it’s worth the price.

Here is one of our favorite brewing systems. It’s not a pod or K-cup just a double brewer that comes with a coffee pot and single mug.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee hamilton beach single cup coffe maker example 12Maker, 2-Way

2-Way Brewing Options  (4 1/2 stars on AMAZON)

Whichever way you decide to brew, the 2-Way Brewer lets you do both. For a single cup when you’re on the go, the single-serve side lets you add grinds directly into the mesh filter that fits the brew basket or insert a soft pod with the pod holder. For the stronger caffeine fixes or on days you want to enjoy cup-after-cup without brewing each time, the carafe-side makes a full 12-cup pot for your drinking disposal. And if you forget to turn it off, no worries. The Two-Way Brewer’s nonstick, keep-hot plate retains the piping-hot coffee after brewing and shuts off automatically after two hours.

Brew in Advance and Wake Up to Hot Coffee

Want to sleep in for five more minutes? Go ahead, get some more beauty sleep and take advantage of the built-in, programmable clock and timer. Its hour and minute features let you program your ideal coffee-drinking time up to 24 hours in advance.

Brewing with Soft Pods

No time for measuring or scooping? Prefer the convenience of quicklyhamilton beach single cup coffe maker example 13 dropping in a pre-packaged, pre-flavored pod? The Two-Way Brewer is designed with a pod holder that brews any brand of soft pod coffee and still gives coffee drinkers the complete sensory experience of tasting freshly ground coffee, without the hassle of messy grinds or exact measuring. For coffee lovers who live for the pleasure of roasting their own beans every day, this Two-Way Brewer offers an added bonus for the extra effort. Equipped with a Brew Strength Selector, you can you choose Regular and give your tastebuds the simplicity of standard medium-grind coffee, or you can go Bold and select a decaf, finer grind or a premium roast brand, such as Starbucks or Melitta for richer flavor.

Product Dimensions: 13.7 x 11.4 x 15.4 inches

  • Shipping Weight: 9.4 pounds

mr coffee single serve coffee maker example 13Mr. Coffee Single Serve Coffee Brewer BVMC-KG5-001, 24-Ounce, Black or Red


single cup coffee example 9

Brewing Something Good? Unique 35-Count Variety Pack, Single-Cup Portion Pack Sampler for Keurig K-Cup Brewers

Brewing Something Good Unique 35-Count Variety Pack is guaranteed to include the
following number of K-Cups: 7 from Green Mountain Coffee, 2 from Coffee People,
1 from Donut House Collection, 2 from Gloria Jean’s, 2 from Tully’s, 7 from
Twinings, 6 from Grove Square, 6 from Caza Trail, and 2 from Red Rose. This
sampler is a great way to try new varieties of single-serve beverages for the
Keurig K-Cup brewer without having to buy a whole box. Please note that these
are not in gift packaging, but they’re a great way to try new flavors that
you’ve never had before. Authentic Brewing Something Good Unique 35-Count
Variety Packs are sold directly by Amazon only.


single cup coffee example 10

Keurig K-Cup Coffees & Teas K-Cup Storage Drawer




single cup coffee example 11


Single Serve Coffee Carousel Holder – 24 ct.





single cup coffee example 12

Keurig 5071 K-Cup

Carousel Tower


single cup coffee example 13

Under Cabinet K-cup® Holder. Designed for Keurig’s® K-cups®- Elite






Mind Reader Organizer 18 K-Cup Holdersingle cup coffee example 15









So now that you know all the best single serve coffee maker k-cup on the market for 2017, you should be able to pick the one that best fit your needs, all the machines listed here have their own pros and cons but what is not good for you will be ok for some else.single serve coffee brewer k cup