Mr Coffee BVMC-KG2 Single Serve

Mr Coffee bvmc kg2 Single ServeMr Coffee BVMC-KG2 Single Serve

Enjoy a coffeehouse experience at home with the Mr Coffee Single Serve Coffee Maker. With 9-ounce brewing capacity and featuring Keurig Brewed technology, you can make gourmet coffee, tea or hot cocoa at the touch of a button. The drip tray is removable to accommodate larger cups or travel mugs up to 5-3/4″ in height so you can have your coffee at home or on the go.


Choice of 1 cup size (9 oz.)

Single-use water reservoir

Energy Savings Mode – Auto Off after 90 seconds

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here is a few customers from Amzazon and their reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars Great little machine
Color Name:Silver
I bought this single serve brewer at a local department store before realizing that Amazon carried it. Anyway, like most Keurig licensed machines, the Mr Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 version produces a fine cup of coffee at $25 less than the similar Keurig brand brewer. In addition, the Mr. Coffee appears to be better constructed than the Keurig Mini Brewing System. The only “con” is that the Mr. Coffee produces only a 8 ounce cup of coffee while the Keurig Mini produces 8 & 10 ounce cups. You can get almost 9 ounces, but you risk a little water going into the overflow reservoir. Nonetheless, I am very happy with my Mr. Coffee. Incidentally, this model of Mr Coffee BVMC-KG2-001 is the successor to the Mr Coffee BVMC-KG1-001.
5 out of 5 stars Excellent, Within the Limitations of the Keurig Method
Color Name:Silver
“This was my first Keurig coffee brewer, and it worked exceedingly well. The design and construction are both good and it never gave me a moment’s trouble. If you are looking to produce a reasonably good cup of coffee really fast and with no fuss, I think you’ll be pleased with the purchase. That said, I have stopped using this machine after one month and now make coffee using another method. Let me explain why because there are some limitations to the Keurig method of which you should be aware.
The chief selling points of the Keurig method are speed and convenience, but the method’s speed is, in fact, an Achilles heel. The hot water comes into contact with the coffee for a maximum of 30 seconds, and that simply isn’t long enough to produce the rich mouthfeel and complex flavors of slower methods such as a French press or a Chemex, both of which allow the coffee flavors to be extracted over three to four minutes. (Espresso coffee tastes great despite its short contact time because of the extremely high pressures and very fine grind, neither of which are present in the Keurig method.) The first K-cups I used were the Folgers “Lively Colombian,” and I don’t think I have ever tasted a thinner, more flavorless cup of joe in my life. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give the coffee those pods produced a 3. Things improved markedly when I used Green Mountain Coffee Roasters “Nantucket Blend” and “Dark Magic,” both of which I’d rate a 7, and which I recommend”


UL Listed: Household use only
Power: 1,000 Watts
Voltage: 120VAC / 60Hz
Weight: 9.40 lbs. empty
Dimensions: 12.9”H x 8.7”W x 13.4”D