How to Fix the Breville BKC700XL and BES not Brewing Coffee?

The Breville BKC700XL and BES are coffee brewers from the Breville Company that offers decent features along with fast coffee brewing. It can produce delicious coffee without any loss in the quality that is why you can have maximum freshness. It is made of heavy duty stainless steel that is why it is very durable. There is a safety locking system that will help you to lock the arm.

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However, the machine may not function properly even it may not work completely; that is why you need to know how to repair simple fixes. The compact design makes it very useful; also this design may cause stuck the coffee maker head due to this you may not able to make coffee sometime. It was observed that it could not brew the coffee into the water that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

There are several fixes for the non-working condition, or the not brewing issue of the BKC700XL Coffee maker and the best part is that the fixes will work on most of the models without any drama. First of all, you have to check the water tank whether it is working or not. The water tank is spring loaded, so you don’t have to worry about that.

If there is any problem in the filter under the water tank, you may try to blow through it. However, you have to cover the overflow pipe to prevent the overflow of the water before you blow through the water intake point. It will blow the air through the entire system thereby it will clean any dirt inside the system. There are some filters in the head of the coffee maker if you blow then it will clean the same.

  • You may flash clean water without any coffee, again and again, to ensure the dirt is out.
  • You may repeat the same process for several times to clean the system properly.
  • If nothing solves your problem, then you have to clean the filter. You have to remove the bottom part of the coffee maker then you have to clean the filter easily.
  • You should not use any air compressor to clean the system.

How do you fix the errors water problem?

There are simple ways to fix the ‘not brewing’ you have to press the water tank down completely it will solve the problem. There is a valve at the end of the tank if you press the tank then the valve will be open so the water can pass without any problem. Sometimes, the valve can stick so you have to remove the tank from the head then you have to clear out the valve.

There is a notch which is located at the bottom of the tank; if the display shows refill tank alert then you have to clear out the notch then it will show full tank. If there is any needle related problem in the BKC700XL and BES, then you have to watch it carefully. You may place a cup and close the head and re-open the same to look it carefully.

How do you solve the dull needle problem?

If you see the hole is going to the container, then it is good. Sometimes the dull needles can create some serious problems. In the case of a dull needle, you have to change the same. You have to close the lid and insert a cup and press the button to get your coffee if anything is wrong then you should follow the steps properly.

There are different types of cups, so you shall not face any problem for the taste. If there is any cup related problem, then you have to open the top part and insert the cup properly. There are some models where you have to open the entire cup from the top. It is quite easy to open the top model from the BKC700XL and BES without any drama.

How to fix the refill tank massage?

Sometimes the machine might show you ‘refill tank’ message although the tank if full this is due to an error in the machine. In that case, you have to open the tank, or you may press the tank harder, so the nozzle under than tank will be open as it will allow the water to pass. As soon as the water will pass the message will be vanished from the LCD.

How to check blockage in the needles?

It is quite easy to check any blockage into the needles it will help you to assure whether there is any good flow of water or not. There are three different holes in the needles it helps to brew the coffee. If there is any blockage, then you should clean the blockage by using a toothpick. Once it is cleared out, then it will normally work without any problem.

It follows the same technologies just like the predecessors although the speed has been increased dramatically. It is the worthy update from the old machines. It takes few minutes to prepare a cup of coffee; all you need to have the K-cup in the machine. If you want to have flavored coffee, then you can use flavored coffee.

  • It comes with different brewing sizes. You may set your preference in the machine, so it will help you next time when you brew.
  • If there is any problem in the water filter then you have to clean the water filter; it will remove the impurities as well as blockages from the filter. As a result, the taste will be increased.
  • There is a container that is used to store the coffee. You may have to change the container if the cup breaks.
  • The water tank can be removed from the position. If there is any nozzle problem or broken tank, then you have to replace the parts. The tank can easily hold 60 OZ of water.
  • If there is any drip problem, then you may remove the drip tray it will allow the coffee to mix with the travel mug directly.

You can clear the entire system by blowing directly on the intake point of the tank it will solve your ‘not working’ problem of the coffee maker. If you want to ensure that it is working or not, then you have to reinstall the tank and check the same. These are the simple ways to fix your old coffee maker without any problems.