The beginning

Everyone is aware of one of the greatest comedian of the united states of America, Jerry Seinfeld. In the year 2012, it was the month of march when he started a talk show named as comedians in cars getting coffee It was an American web series which was being distributed by the digital network group named as a crackle. When it was started by Jerry Seinfeld, the episode was being introduced by a vintage car which was being chosen for a famous guest comedian. It was being driven to the destination or so called pre-selected destination as a coffee shop.

The popularity comedians in cars getting coffee

With the growing popularity of the television show, the show was being implores by Michael Richards. He took a side street and then the host returned to their studio with carl Reiner after taking the coffee and later on Mel brooks joins them for the dinner. Thus, the car trouble gets started. As per the records of the television the series have been telecasts hundred million times up to May 2015 on the television. The latest news is that it has been renewed up to the ninth season of comedians in cars getting coffee.

The series

When it was started in the year 2012, then the host said that the concept of this television series is from the digital video drive that he made an extract for his documentary late in the year 2002. Later in the 2014 interview with the 'Comedians in Cars GettingDavid letterman and Paley center it was on the air that the show was for an experiment or a guess for him.

The edited version

It was being seen that the raw shooting is for about three to four hours and after the edition of that raw shoot it came at the time of twelve to twenty minutes. The production cost of the one episode is about one hundred thousand dollars, and the guest who is being invited up is being paid up in cash. There are various men working under this and due to their hard work and commendable supports and performance the edited talk show of comedians in cars getting coffee can be seen in through the mobile phones also.

When it was started the host also announced that a show which has a time of length above five minutes have a rate of success. This was being promoted in the pages of Facebook and other social networking sites and websites like yahoo. The internal news came up in the market that the chairman of the Starbucks the famous personality Howard Schultz declined the offer of sponsoring when he got the chance. In the end, the show was being sponsored by accrue. They also helped the host to get the required comedian license, and the commercial came after onwards.

The present version

From the starting till now the comedians in cars getting coffee show has completed its six seasons. At the first it ended with ten episodes and returned with six episodes on the second one. Then the episode grows up on the following series. For the short format notification program, it was being selected for the awards but it has won the producer of guild awards recently.